What is ALCAR (Acetyl L Carnitine)

A lot of people feel tired due to the number of activities and responsibilities that they have to do throughout the entire day. This is the main reason why Acetyl L-carnitine is gaining popularity today among health enthusiasts. A lot of experts today consider ALCAR or acetyl L-carnitine as a multipurpose supplement. It has been used by different individuals whether to decrease the effects of aging or to help minimize nerve pain.

What is ALCAR?

For starters, what exactly is Acetyl L-carnitine? It is an amino acid that functions to turn fats into energy. It is considered as an essential nutrient mainly due to the fact that the body can produce ALCAR. Because of its function, it has been primarily used in order to help prevent heart conditions. It helps minimize bad cholesterol in the body and turn it into energy that can be used throughout the entire day.

Things that can hinder ALCAR production

There are individuals with conditions that hinder the production of carnitine in the body. There are also diseases in the liver and kidneys that have been known to stop the production of carnitine in the body. There are also some things that can reduce the levels of carnitine level in the body. For instance, there are antiseizure medications that can reduce the production of carnitine in the body.

How to increase ALCAR in your system

There are foods that can be included in your diet if you wish to increase the amount of ALCAR in your system. Meat and dairy sources are the usual foods that you want to increase in your diet if you are looking to increase the amount of acetyl L-carnitine in your system. The typical dose required in order to get the best benefits ranges from 200mg to 1000mg of L-carnitine.


There are many benefits that you can expect from acetyl L-carnitine. In fact, it is suggested that it can be used to treat angina. When combined with the usual medication, it can even reduce the mortality rate after having a heart attack. And since it makes use of fats and turns it into energy, carnitine supplementation this can also help reduce the chances of having type II diabetes.

It has also been recorded that acetyl L-carnitine can help improve exercise tolerance of people who are suffering from COPD.

But other than its effect on the cardiovascular system and the ability to perform activities, Acetyl L-carnitine can also help in preventing Alzheimer’s disease. There were also claims that Acetyl L-carnitine can help prevent depression among elderly patients.

And not only that, there is also a research that points towards the ability of acetyl L-carnitine to help patients who are suffering from hyperactivity behavior. There were studies suggesting ALCAR as a treatment for those with mental retardation and autism who exhibited symptoms of hyperactivity disorder.

The good thing about L-carnitine is that it has many benefits across different systems of the body. It is also something that the body produces which make it a valuable supplement to add to your daily diet. And to top it off, you don’t have to worry about the possibility of side effects.