What is Taurine?

What is Taurine?

Did you know that taurine is a critical amino acid for the human body? While it is often added to energy drinks, it is important for the human body. Many people take taurine as a health supplement, but it does exist in the large intestine. Why is taurine referred to as a “wonder molecule“?
The central nervous system is a critical part of the human body. When it isn’t working properly the other systems of the body begin to shut down. Taurine is an amino acid, and it acts as a neurotransmitter, and it plays a critical role for brain function. The growth and development of the brain is certainly emphasized for the growth of a baby from the time of conception. What are the other benefits of taurine for human health?

  • Essential for muscle tissue
  • Regulating the level of calcium in the body
  • Essential antioxidant to reduce oxidative stress
  • Retinal health

There are still many other benefits of taurine, especially as they relate to the central nervous system. It is identified as a neuro-protective agent, meaning that it offers protection for the spine and the brain after trauma. Research has shown that this amino acid has been instrumental in axonal regeneration after injury has occurred in animals. Lampreys were used for research in 2019.

This compelling research lends credence to the fact that if taurine is essential for preventing further trauma to the brain and spinal cord, it is certainly essential for other reasons. Taurine sets itself apart from other amino acids because it is not a protein builder.

The most natural way to get the taurine the body needs is through diet. A diet rich in fish and dairy provides taurine for improved overall health. Energy drinks often contain taurine as a source of energy rather than caffeine. Taurine in these beverages may also be included in order to aid with improving digestion.

Taurine is also known for some key benefits where it is directly involved including:

  • Maintaining a healthy balance of electrolyets
  • Improves digestion by forming bile salts
  • Regulates minerals including calcium
  • Improves immune health

Those who suffer from an autoimmune disease may benefit from taking taurine as a dietary supplement. Individuals who are suffering from renal failure or heart failure may also benefit from taurine. Infants who are born prematurely may also benefit from receiving taurine.

Pure Nootropics Review


When you’re looking for a company that delivers quality supplements, it pays to do your research.  Buying supplements online can sometimes be pretty sketchy, but when I bought my nootropics from Pure Nootropics, I was really surprised with the time and care they took to give me high quality products.

Not only did I receive my supplements on time with tracking info, but their website was educational and informative.  I went in thinking I was going to be buying just Piracetam, but based on their information I was able to look at the blog and learn about stacking racetams with choline. I had  no idea that when I take Piracetam to help me study that I needed to give my body back the choline it was using.

I was also really happy to see that they offered free shipping within the States.  With their money back guarantee, I think I’ll be trying different supplements from them in the future!  They even have some herbs and minerals I haven’t really heard about, but they really help you understand what the benefits and research behind them are so you can be comfortable trying new products.

It’s really cool to see that a website that has more of the daring nootropics like racetams and Adrafinil also have a lot of more traditional products.  Have you ever heard of Bacopa?  I sure hadn’t until I came across Pure Nootropics’ website.  With Pure Nootropics, you can stock up on your favorite nootropics and learn something new at the same time.  I told all my friends to try the supplements at Pure Nootropics because I am really glad I found this company.  Take a look at their website, you never know what supplements will catch your eye, and you can feel good about trying new products.

Those with Learning Disabilities Don’t Have to Be Overweight

One of the greatest misconceptions that we see on a regular basis is this idea that people with learning disabilities (especially the mentally retarded) are destined to being overweight. Many who are mentally handicapped or unable to maintain self-independence are considered a lost cause when it comes to their physical fitness. For many parents, this is understandable. A child who is struggling to learn and survive in the world needs little in the way of muscles and strength, right?

Unfortunately, this is a natural, but incorrect assumption that can have drastic consequences for those with learning disabilities. It is important to make sure that you are treating your children in a way that sets them up for long-term success. In this article, we will show you the how and the why.

Why Learning Disabled Need to Exercise

First of all, those who are learning disabled must learn very basic exercise for a multitude of reasons. The first is that the exercise will almost always improve their health and success as a whole. By exercising more, you are going to find that it is much easier to release endorphins and improve the learning process even if only with a few added chemicals that are related to exercise.

Beyond that, there are health benefits for the rest of their body. They can often get rid of their energy and make it easier for them to concentrate later on. Beyond that, they can do a much better job of getting sleep every night, which impacts their learning as well.

There are many dynamics that go into learning and one of the last things you want to do for someone who is already disabled is to stop them from exercising because it is considered “unimportant”. That doesn’t mean you have to go crazy trying to make them look amazing (instead just opt for The Secret Fat burner ), but you can help them to increase their self-esteem as a whole.

Your Next Workout Routine

There is no need for your learning disabled child (or adult) to have to go without a great experience of exercise and the outdoors. Making sure that they receive the best kind of care in this way is of paramount importance and it is something that you can achieve with the right kind of perspective.

At the end of the day, making sure that every learning disabled person gets exercise is a priority for everyone who cares about these people.

Is the Paleo Diet For You?

There are a wide variety of different diet methods and it can be confusing to try to find the best one for you. Most of the time, you’ll find that each has great research even though the diets are opposing one another! For example, there is plenty of evidence that vegan diets are healthy for people to prevent over consumption of protein. At the same time, there is evidence that living a more Paleolithic style is better in the long run.

If you are interested in the latter diet, it is growing in popularity and is quickly becoming one of the most important types of diets on a larger scene. The reason is because of how simple and fundamental the Paleo diet is. Instead of trying to reinvent the wheel, Paleo dieters are actually going backwards to find out what we are supposed to eat from a historic perspective. If this sounds appealing to you, just make sure you know what it entails before you start making other decisions.

Pork_roast_dinnerA Paleo diet is one that includes only foods our ancestors would have eaten as hunter gatherers before the agricultural revolution. That means no legumes, no grains, and a lot less sugar than you are currently eating! One of the biggest differences is that there is no gluten, which means no pasta, bread, or similar baked goods.

You need to be very strict with your diet if you are going to maintain a proper Paleo diet, but it can be incredibly rewarding. A lot of studies suggest that gluten can be harmful for your joints and brain. It can cause inflammation and will be welcomed by the body if you stopped using it. Most people who are eating a Paleo diet have a lot of meat in their meals as well. Keep this in mind and you’ll avoid getting trapped in a diet you don’t enjoy.