Start planning your Company Picnic now. Schedules will be tight.

Renting for Your Company Picnic

If you are someone who is in charge of a business in some way and the one who must figure out how you are going to put on your company picnic, it is important for you to know about all of the rental options that are out there. There are items that you can rent for a company picnic that will help make the picnic go well for everyone in attendance. You do not have to make a lot of big purchases to put on a good company picnic, but there are some items that you should think about renting for that event.
Tent Rentals
Rent Shade to Keep People Comfortable:
If the sun starts to come out while your picnic is going on, you might have a lot of uncomfortable people at that picnic. You should consider different rental options that you have that will help you offer shade to your guests. Look into tent rentals and the different size options that are available. Know that tent rentals can help people know where to go when they arrive at the picnic and they can help protect against the elements.Rent Tables and Chairs So People can Eat Comfortably:
You want everyone who shows up for your company picnic to have a place where they can sit down, especially when they are eating. You can use table and chair rentals to help provide seating for everyone. You can find a variety of options when it comes to table and chair rentals, and you should figure out if you prefer larger tables or smaller tables when you are setting up for an event.

Rent Items to Help People Have Fun:
Some people get nervous when they think about bringing their family members to a work event, and you want those people to feel comfortable. You want to give families things that they can do to stay entertained so that they will not have to feel on edge while at your company picnic. Bounce house rentals make a company picnic fun for children. When you have bounce house rentals set up, you help your employees feel that the picnic is meant to be fun and that their families can relax and act normal.

Take Good Care of Rental Items:
It is important that you take good care of the items that you are renting so that you do not end up owing extra money for those items. You should consider doing the following:

  • Set the rental items up in spots where they will be safe. Set up tables on flat, solid surfaces.
  • Use the rental items as they are meant to be used.
  • Clean off the items the best that you can before you return them.

Dunk Tank Rental
Know How Long You Have the Items For:
It is important that you know how long you can keep the rental items that you are using. You do not want to have the items around for longer than you are supposed to have them for and end up paying extra because of that. Pick up the items – or have them delivered – right before you need them, and return them as soon as possible.

You Can Rent Items to Make Your Company Picnic Work Out Well for Everyone:
When you know what you should be renting and you find a good source for the rental items that you are going to be getting, you can put on a great company picnic. There are things that you can rent that will help your guests have a good time and that will help everyone relax and be comfortable. Companies like NM Party Rentals are well reviewed in planning Company Picnics.

Wedding Planning for your special day

Wedding Planning for your special day

The wedding day can be one of the most joyous times in the lives of couples that come together to unite in marriage. This is a special day that both the bride and groom want to enjoy. Those that plan well have the ability to get together with their family and friends and construct a well-planned wedding day and reception event. There is a lot that goes on behind the scenes, and planning for everything requires attention to detail.

Getting The Guest List In OrderOne of the biggest challenges that go into planning a wedding is getting a realistic number of how many people are actually planning to attend. The number of guests will play a significant part on how much is put into things like the number of table and chair rentals that are needed for the guests. Weddings that are held outside also a head count for tent rental selection as well.

Professional Planning To Minimize The Stress

One thing that you want to do when you are planning a wedding is consult the professionals. Getting with an event planner can make all the difference when it comes to relieving stress and reducing the amount of times it takes to get everything in place.

The event planner is in tune with what it takes to create a wedding itinerary because this is their job. They have already done this on a professional level so they are well aware of what goes into the process of planning.

Planning Ahead of Time

It is difficult to plan anything for a wedding at the last minute. It is better to plan ahead of time. There is a lot of time to get a schedule in place when things are scheduled in advance. It makes more sense to get table and chair rentals scheduled in advance. People that are serious about an outdoor wedding and reception should consider the benefits starting early.

When couple start looking for a venue and making wedding plans early they have the ability to choose from a multitude of different options. They get a chance to get access to the first venue choice on their list.


Couples that are planning a wedding should also look at the food options for the reception. Catering is something that couples put a lot of time and effort into. They want to get food that is delectable without spending a fortune on meals that may be too costly. It is customary to get a meat and two sides. Couples may have a catering meal plan that allows their guests to make a choice between the different types of meats. This flexibility of meals is good for guests that may have allergies.

It is good to look at the size of the crowd because this will be the determining factor for catering cost. It’s also good to inquire with the caterers about how food can be set up outdoors. Couples need to know if a separate tent rental is needed for the food. When the wedding is outdoors there must be a plan to keep the food from being ruined by the outdoor elements. Visit Azbestjumps for your party rental needs.


It is also important to consider a photographer. These are professionals that bring the wedding to life through photos. Memories of these wedding moments are shared for years to come when a photographer is on board to capture all the magical moments.

People that require a professional event planner will be able to secure a photographer through their planner. The couple that is planning the wedding on their own will need to check online for photographers. These are professionals that are booked months in advance. They have busy schedules, but the couple that plans early will not have problems booking a photographer.

Couples that are planning to get photographers in place will need to consider if they are going to take the pictures before or after the wedding. A lot of photographers charge by the hour. People that take pictures at the end of the wedding and the beginning of the reception can cut down their photography costs.

Finalizing Plans

Once all of the planning is done it is good for a couple to make routine checks to make sure that everything and everyone is still available on the big day. They should make sure that their photographer is still available. They need to make sure that the venue is still available.

It is important to check and make sure that all of the wedding rentals are still available because any of these issues will result in looking for an alternative. It is never easy to find someone at the last minute if something goes wrong. That is why it is a wise idea to follow up and make sure all of the reservations are still valid.